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    In consideration of Crossworld Securities Limited agreeing to accept and honour electronic mail instruction from me/us (or from such other third parties as I/we may from time to time direct to operate my stockbroking account with the Company, I hereby unconditionally and irrevocably indemnify the Company against all claims which may be made against it in consequence thereof and to pay to it on demand, all payments, losses, costs and expenses made, suffered or incured by the company in consequence thereof or arising therefrom.
    I also agree to take responsibilities which may arise as a result of any payment made to or by the Company in furtherance of the above and to be directly answerable to any investigation by any statutory body or agency bordering on this request or any other charge that may be in respect thereof.

    We like to hold and process your personal data for the provision of financial services to you subject to your express consent authorising us to do so and such data will not be disclosed to or accessed by any third party except with your prior approval, for regulatory reasons or if such disclosure is required for the performance of the financial services to you.

    I/We can confirm that I/we have read, understood and hereby accept the above privacy statement and I/we expressly give my/our consent and authorise you to collect, process and use my/our personal data for the provision of financial services to me/us.